‘The most expensive burger I’ve ever had’ is a whimsical look at my journey to Chef Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar in San Francisco, ordering the most expensive burger on the menu despite my obscenely frugal nature, and what I learned in the process.

This is not a “foodie” site; I’m hoping that sharing my experience encourages you to share your stories with me! Your story of something you did, which was not entirely practical, where you took a risk or did something to challenge your comfort levels. What was your ‘most expensive burger I’ve ever had’ experience?

The idea is to collect a series of stories to inspire others, reminding each other to, along the way, do something outside of what’s practical. No story is too small – Exhibit A, my story to indulge in a $60 burger.

*I should note that although it’s written from my perspective, in the singular, I was not there alone. In fact, this story is dedicated to Suyin, my ‘plus 1’ and partner on this journey; who was game for trekking around San Francisco to visit different food destinations and so encouraging in ‘going for it’.


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